About us

Eagle Crest Industries is internationally know as a manufacture of handmade leather goods. The company was established in 1999 and has used a partnership with more then four manufactures that produce only the finest handmade leather products working with Chinese craftsmen to create the hand tooled and unique products for sale to the wholesale buyer in America and abroad. Our products are available for purchase anytime of the day or night online.

The main products for sale are leather accessory items such as, purses, sunglasses cases, cell phone cases, bracelets and key chains. All handmade with quality and craftsmanship in mind yet offering a unique charm as well. What sets LeatherChic apart from other leather products is the use of 3-dimentional shapes to create a unique case for storing cell phones, Sunglasses and other items. The use of vibrant colors attracts attention and the quality of workmanship insures that the products will be around for many years to come. 

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